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ServEaze represents an advanced web-based platform meticulously crafted to streamline and enhance the interaction between service seekers and providers. Within this innovative framework, users can seamlessly initiate service requests, extend service offerings, efficiently oversee service assignments, and closely monitor the real-time status of their requests.

This project was developed for Metrisei Industrial Solutions LLP, Kerala.

Prenu Services

We developed this website for an agency that offers professional Nanny services located in Bangalore. The project was developed using PHP and MySQL to give the site a dynamic feature.

St. Joseph's Assisted Living

This website was developed for St. Joseph’s Assisted Living Centre, Palakkad. One of the leading Old Age Homes in Palakkad, Kerala. It was developed using PHP and MySQL having dynamic features to update their website.

Mohan & Mohan Associates

This website was developed for Mohan & Mohan Associates Chartered Accounts, Palakkad. The site was developed using a Premium WordPress Template.

Amys Cart

This is an online shopping portal developed using Shopify for an e-commerce business company based in Singapore.


We made this website for Tecwel FZ-LLC, a Malaysian company using HTML and CSS. It was a static website.

TrueCart - ERP Solution

This was an EERP solution for Order Process Management we developed for True Image Technologies Pvt. Ltd. TrueCart seamlessly operates across 6500+ branches of True Image’s clients, facilitating efficient order processing. The Web App was developed using Angular JS and MongoDB.

Amy's Cart Mobile App

We developed both iOS and Android Apps for Amy’s Cart.

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